Voice of Workers in Silent Cinema

(1920s to 1930s)
7 to 13 May 21
It is now a long while since cinema started to avert its eye from the workers but, in the very early years of its existence, this medium used to hold close relation with this social class. It was not that the workers simply play the role of some subject for many early films in cinema history but, as it is pointed out by several experts, the first groups of spectators and fans mainly belonged to this class...
This event is an attempt to assemble a collection from silent films of the 1920s and 30s which mostly, by means of fictional films, deal with the lives and conditions of working people. Of course, we have tried to look beyond the classic definition by which a worker is characterized as a man imprisoned in a factory and try to include the cases that deal with other realms of labor. One thing is for sure, and it’s that we have no claim over comprehensiveness, while enjoying a hope to fulfill a portrait of the general atmosphere in mentioned decades and the variety of ways by which the problem of labor and working people was looked at and understood. For more information see the brochure.


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