Elmira Iravanizad
8 to 20 Apr 16
Elmira Iravanizad is a painter. It is in the act of painting, in the treatment of color that she finds the environment and starting point for envisioning and translating her thoughts and perceptions. She starts with colorful forms, abstract, but still organic. Yet she soon covers them up again, here with black color. The act of covering is central to her work, as is sparing smaller spots and thus creating new forms. But the exhibition “Entangled” also includes sculpture and collage. Form and color become three dimensional in the black sculptures on the wall: folded, weightless, flying forms. And the artist loosely arranges paper collages between two glass plates, fixed temporarily, infinitely mutable in what they cover and reveal.
However, it is not only about form and color: The sound of a cityscape in the early morning that accompanies the three sculptures leads us from abstraction into the world of our daily lives, the space of a capital city like Tehran. The artist tracks how history, life, politics, and memory become visible in the ever-changing surface of a city, in the layers of its skin. She grapples with how distance, time shift, and experience set one's perception and movement in the city space and decide how far one can navigate through these layers.

Hannah Jacobi | Art Historian 

Elmira Iravanizad was born in 1988. She received her bachelor in painting from Tehran University and her MA from London Metropolitan University. In 2014 she has been awarded the two year DAAD Scholarship for postgraduate studies and right now she is living in Berlin. Iravanizad has had different solo and group exhibitions in Tehran, London and Berlin.