Thirteen landscapes

Ali Golestaneh
4 to 14 Jan 19
The upcoming exhibition includes landscapes of Ali Golestaneh painted between the 40s (outset of his professional career) and mid-50s which were not shown before. Works similar to these ones were shown in an exhibition entitled "34 landscapes" in Shahr gallery before the revolution and some are preserved in the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. Artworks presented in the current exhibition, gathered from different collections, provide an opportunity for Golestaneh's artistic world enthusiasts to become more familiar with his working procedure in those two decades. First thing coming to mind viewing these works is the joyful passion of an artist who craves for painting rather than being confined to the presentation. Moreover, even if we don't consider him as an artist who experiences the uppermost freedom and technic on paper, these particular works of his may enjoy a high state and unique identity. 

Golestaneh's paintings have been exhibited in Golestan, Arya, Etemad, Homa, Hoor and Fasihi Harandi galleries after the revolution.