Ahmad Aali’s Self-portraits with G11

Ahmad Aali
2 to 19 Dec 16
Displacement ...
Ahmad Aali has parceled up for a move. Both from a lifelong household and his photographic attitude and behavior. 
Scrutinizing Ahmad Aali's body of works in the last 50 years, shows us his emphasis on aesthetics and obsessive precision in imagery representation. Fourteen photographs and one painting, configure his current collection which has no categorical difference with the works exhibited in Aran Gallery: searching for the lost time and memories, himself and his beloved things. As always, the impressive role of the words played throughout his works is ironic and paradoxical. However what is crucially different in the current collection is replacement of painting by photography: his new approach to work on photographs which are boasting the certainty of displacement. 
The one and the only painting of the chair, is a reminder of his previous exhibitions, all the subjects depicted in his photographs and the words and signs repeated frequently on the parcels, has transformed the current collection to an autobiography indicating the humble presence of 
"his excellency" in Iran's art scene. 

Mehrdad Nadjmabadi
Fall 2016