"Selected by"

Group Exhibition
15 Mar to 5 Apr 19
Works included in this exhibition are selected through a procedure different than usual. A group of our audiences lent us artworks to form this selection. 
Two principles were considered in collecting works: 
A. participants were needed to have been following Emkan'sactivities from the beginning.
B. Artworks should have been specifically chosen to be exhibited at "Emkan" (accentuating an aspect of Emkan'sviewpoint or reminding one which they thought has been neglected.)
Due to the time and space limitations, we had no choice but to further our project with a number of friends who hold a collection of works whereas views of all audiences are obviously important and valuable for us.
Mar 15 - 20 (16 – 20 pm)
Mar 21 - Apr 5 (12 – 18 pm)
Closed from Apr 1 to 3

Selected by:
Mehdi Alizadeh, Nazgol Ansarinia, Homayoun Askari Sirizi, Fereydoun Ave, Hosein Behravesh, Hamed Farhangi, Bita Fayyazi, Sara Ghanbari, Narjes Ghasemi, Vahid Hariri, Ghazaleh Hedayat, Shahla Hosseini, Mohammad Rezaei Kalantari, Justus Kemper, Ehsan Lajevardi, Yasaman Matinfar, Salman Matinfar, Mehran Mohajer, Sahar Moradi, Kaveh Najmabadi, Pouya Parsa Magham, Zarvan Rouhbakhshan, Alireza Saei, Nastaran Samii, Zeinab Sanaei, Saba Sarkheil, Foad Sharifi, Dariush Talaei, Matin Tofighi, Mona Zehtabchi
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