One and a Half Meter Memories

Mazdak Ayari
27 Nov to 9 Dec 15
Mazdak Ayari’s works present almost ten years of discontinuous photography of his family during 1999 till 2013 and it has been exhibited only in slide format in, Iran: Unedited History held by The Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and MAXXI Rome so far.
However in current exhibition, beside the slide there are selected prints of these photos. Technical difference between these two formats gives a new signi cance to the works, since addition- al movement in slide situates the photos in a liner narrative of time while printed photos do not easily accept this liner order and their rm stillness breaks through habitual sequences of moments.
Nonetheless, one might ask what makes this works distinct from a family album or an amateur photography and brings the works into gallery space. Is it the documented life of certain class, the artistic name and look behind the camera or the artist tireless effort? Maybe the answer is all and none.
It seems that in all these photos of everyday life, an insisting reality incessantly haunts the photographer. Maybe it is by being deference to this unknown force that his photos would be able to touch a time beyond the habitual order, a time that all of us might sometimes sense a trace of it.