On Paper

Raana Farnoud
12 to 29 Feb 16
Raana Farnoud’s paintings have always moved beyond the limits of both representation of lived experience and absorption in an isolated individual world irrespective of any social concern. As if her ballooned bodies are attached to the concrete world by a thin thread, while blithely distance from shackles of representation. In an interview she states: “I draw portraits of humans who manage to survive from an unusual situation. The effects of these situations are more or less observable in their faces”. Maybe it is exactly through paying attention to the effects of social forces rather than the social elements themselves that her special artistic world has been developed.
This drawing exhibition is a selection of three different and successive periods of her career. These drawings may have the same relation to her artistic world as her paintings have to the world around us: Each of them explicitly reveals part of her subjective world, while implicitly refers to its wholeness. 
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