More is More

Maryam Javadi
8 to 19 Jul 16
Maryam Javadi reflects upon what is left after the event already happened. The context of her photos is the slaughterhouse in which violence is obvious and might even be beneficial. The butcher is doing exactly what we have asked him to do. Sometimes Javadi’s photos are in sympathy with him; at others with the butchered. They show us details of each, embellished them with a fair aesthetic, although at the end they are all covered by a dark and yellowish layer.               
Quentin Tarantino once said “violence is one of the most fun things to watch”. Contemporary world has increased our threshold for violence. Most probably, all of us have once watched and confirmed the violence in movies, TV shows, News, sport competitions, computer games or rap songs. Others have offered us violence in an attractive and entertaining package; and we have been pleased or impressed as they wished. Maybe we have done that without even thinking that more is more and those who are struck or their faces are gild with blood and feel pain, might be really in pain. 

Perhaps these photos praise and at the same time criticize this pain. Javadi daringly displays a violence- that we have also indirectly contributed in- and she turns it into some attractive images. Although the meaning of these photos would be effected by our personal position, these images do not lend themselves to a simple consumption and it is not possible to just like or just hate them. They demand more than that.
Mohammadreza Mirzaei