Group Exhibition
29 Nov to 13 Dec 19
Artists: Raana Farnoud, Dariush Hosseini, Farshid Maleki, Arsia Moghaddam, Omid Moshksar and Masoumeh Mozaffari
Some paintings deal with everlasting eternal time. All objects, scenes and even figures are stilled in eternal gestures. In contrast, there are paintings which are more embedded in time as a modern concept. “Instant” exhibition is about this second group.
In some of these works, a tangible moment - sometimes traumatic - has been cut out of everyday reality, transforming a simple, earthly event into a lasting scene. In others, gestures and compositions are not the result of a deliberate predetermined scheme; rather they are the outcome of the struggle and interaction between painting’s own forces. A more or less accidental color spot here demands a line in the other corner of the picture. Time is not a fragment of a movement anymore; it is an “instant” which is constructed.
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