Group Exhibition
20 Jul to 10 Aug 18


Artists: Iman Afsarian, Mohammad Hossein Emad, Raana Farnoud, Fereidoun Ghaffari,  Ali Golestaneh, Shahla Hosseini, Dariush Hosseini, Ghazaleh Hedayat and Mohammad Khalili


Apple loses its totality and transforms into a seducer compelling Cézanne to paint it again and again. For many of those who are familiar with art history, the magic of this relation may nevertheless fades away and once again forms a familiar shape. One way to refresh our view is to look into artists' other works in which something else has attracted their attention. 
Acquainted with her figures, how does a portraitist see a landscape? In what way would the one who makes a whole new world out of objects relate to a plant? What will she do in front of a stranger such as metal if she is accustomed to wood's features? Perhaps we can see her entire work from another perspective by observing the edges of the universe artist has created.

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