Mohammad Ghazali
10 Jun to 1 Jul 16


“Dredge” can be regarded as the process of making a sign visible. However, sign here does not mean a signifier that indifferently refers to an object, but it is a force that passionately invades our calmness, a force that motivates desire. As if a certain part of each photo seduced the photographer and made him to smoothly approach this erotic part through dredging and covering neutral sections.

It is of no importance that what kind of experience made the artist sensible to these certain calls, what is significant here, is the way of encountering the problem. The restricting layers around the sign both act as a ladder, that conduct our gaze to where it meant, and provide a narrow channel for the sign that increase its pressure, powerful enough to break the habitual ways of looking and thereby make the effects of sign visible.

That is why not only optical but haptic vision is introduced into this project. One should take the photograph in hand, slide her eyes over the groove of tapes and let the image capture her truly.

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